May 24, 2018

Marketing Mojovation — Joe On “The Hard Corps Marketing Show”


Check out our very own Joe Apfelbaum, CEO of Ajax Union, on the Hard Corps Marketing Show Podcast – Episode 23!

“You have to be tactful in order to be impactful” – Joe

In this episode, Joe talks about his marketing tips for success and his wisdom toward what he does! As an author of two successful books, “Average Joe to CEO” and “High Energy Secrets”, Joe knows what he’s talking about. He emphasizes a winning strategy in this episode and highlights his serious “mojovation” tactics. Here are some things Joe goes over in his discussion:

  • The real difference between a winner and a “loser.”
  • The biggest component to marketing is TESTING! Always TEST to PROGRESS.
  • Patience is key when it comes to nurturing your leads. If you keep trying and keep marketing, eventually your break will come.
  • Don’t be self absorbed! Focus on adding value to other people’s lives.
  • Be smart and well educated about what you want to teach your consumer. How well your ability to educate is what will generate success.
  • Be a ROCKSTAR! Rockstars are authentic and true to themselves, that’s why people love them.

Be sure to check out the video here, and thanks for reading!

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