Episode 24

Why Facebook Ads Are Different

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Are Facebook ads the same as any other ads? Nope! In this episode, Joe and Tami discuss how Facebook ads are different, why they are effective, how they differ from Google Adwords, the specific challenges associated with Facebook ads, the different kinds of audiences you can create on Facebook, and much more!

Episode 24 Transcript:

Tami: Welcome to High Energy marketing, a podcast with us the digital marketing agency Ajax Union, where we interview our CEO Joe Apfelbaum, on key marketing topics and we share everything you need to know to properly Grow Your Business Online. 

This is a Q&A podcast where I will ask Joe questions about different topics and trends in marketing, based off of his book, High Energy Marketing. You can get the book at ajaxunion.com/book to follow along with us.

This is the 24th official episode of our podcast about High Energy Marketing, today we are going to discuss Facebook ads.

But first a quick inspiration minute. Joe, do you want to give us a little bit of inspo?

Joe: Yeah, absolutely. Thank you so much, Tami. 

You can’t solve a problem with the same awareness, the same level of awareness than the level of awareness that created the problem in the first place. You need to be able to view the habits that you have and take the opportunity to reprogram them objectively.

Take a step back from the voice in your head and ask yourself, what do I hear? Take a step back from your emotions. And ask yourself, what do I feel? Look in the mirror and ask yourself what do I see? 

If it sounds like guilt, shame, anger, sadness, you have things that you can reprogram to start seeing joy, freedom, happiness, vitality, and peace. 

Pain is just an action signal. It’s the first step to leveraging the pain and to creating more awareness so that you can have the life that you want. Instead of blaming the pain on things that you cannot control, realize that the source of the pain is lack of awareness and automatic thought habits, that is not the problem. 

The problem is for us to be able to find what we want to reprogram, become aware that we have the ability to reprogram those habits of thought. And then with the gift of awareness, we can literally create any emotion, any thought in any result we want in our life.

Tami: Thank you, Joe. Now let’s jump right into our topic of the day: Why Facebook ads are different. So first, why are Facebook ads effective?

Joe: Facebook ads are effective because you can target an audience based on incredibly effective factors.

The main difference between Facebook and other advertising platforms is that with Facebook, you know exactly who your audience is. You only have to pay to show your ads to that exact audience. 

So for example, if you’re advertising on a newspaper, everyone that reads the newspaper will see the ad. So you got to pay for all the people that are reading the newspaper. If you’re advertising on radio, you can’t just advertise to one person. Unless it’s online radio, you’re advertising to everyone, everyone will hear it.  

So whether it’s a newspaper or magazine or a billboard, you need to pay for irrelevant eyeballs to see your ads. That’s not fair. 

With Facebook, because your targeting is so precise, you can only show the ads to the exact people that you want to see your ads. Facebook also differs from say Google AdWords because on Google, you’re targeting people based on what they are searching for not based on who they are. 

On Facebook, you’re targeting people based on who they are – based on who they are, you know what they want to do. 

Tami: Okay, so what is the main difference between Facebook ads and other platforms? 

Joe: The main difference would be that Facebook ads is a place where you’re targeting people based on who they are. In other platforms, you’re targeting them based on what they do, or based on where they are not based on who they are. 

Facebook really gets to know people. 

Now there’s a big challenge with Facebook that many people fail to get an ROI. It’s because you need a real solid strategy for it to work. 

With Google AdWords, you can get away with not really understanding your audience because people are so desperate to solve a problem. It’s called based on intent that you can set up ads, run them quickly and see an ROI, even if your ads are not necessarily optimized. 

With Facebook, if you’re not precise with your audience, with your ads with your funnel, you’re going to waste a lot of money and nothing’s going to happen. 

Think about yourself. You might be for example, a coach or a business owner or marketing director listening to this. If you’re a coach, and you’re providing coaching to entrepreneurs, you decide you want to run a Facebook ad looking for people who need coaching. 80% of people are living paycheck to paycheck, you’re targeting the wrong people that are not even in the market and they can’t even afford a coach right now. 

Then you’re wondering why people are not clicking on your ad. You really want to consider who your audience is. 

Figuring out who your niche audience is, and then creating a funnel, a step-by-step funnel, within your advertising to get results using Facebook.

Tami: Do you have examples of different types of audiences that we can run ads to on Facebook? 

Joe: Yeah. For example, you can run ads to CEOs of a specific industry, that are in a specific location, that are a specific gender. And so let’s say you target a CEO, a female CEO in Long Island, that happens to like Lululemon.  

Now you’re able to target very specific people based on what they like and based on who they are. You can run ads to them for your coaching business, relate them or you can yourself wear Lululemon and your ads and you’re like, Oh, my God, I’m only advertising with my Lululemon clothing to people who like Lululemon. And I happen to know that they’re also CEOs, and they’re also females, so you can resonate with them in a very deep level, because you’re able to create niche advertising like that. 

Tami: So what are some features of Facebook ads that are useful other than targeting specific audiences? 

Joe: Some of the features on Facebook that are really useful is being able to target people based on their email addresses.

So you can target people, let’s say you have a list of 5000 customers, you can target your customers using Facebook ads, just targeting your customers alone. 

There’s also a feature that allows you to retarget people so you can target the same audience and build clout with them. It used to be that you would have to post something on LinkedIn and get people to follow you. 

Now you don’t have to post something on Facebook and get people to follow you on Facebook, what you can do is you can run ads to those people and you will automatically show up on their feed over and over and over. 

If they like your page, you can have more at bats at advertising with them say four times. But if they don’t like your page, you can only advertise to them two times a day. That’s very powerful.

 Imagine in the morning and in the afternoon, you get in front of your target market every single day for an entire year. 

With the right message, you can build a marketing funnel, start Facebook ads, build an audience. 

You can target say, fans of Tony Robbins. You can give them a message saying the right strategy will save you a decade and have a photo that shows you and Tony Robbins talking about it. You can tell people download his business strategy checklist for free right now, if you want a strategy.

You know that those people resonate with Tony Robbins, they resonate with the message, the right strategy will save you a decade. And all you now want to capture is their email address. 

Now, one of the great things about Facebook another feature dimension is that people don’t even have to fill in their email. It’s built right into Facebook, they could just push a button and their email their cell phone number, their first and last name get filled into your lead magnet. 

Boom, now they got the checklist without having to type anything in and you got an amazing lead 

Tami: Is there any way that we can make sure that our Facebook ads are competitive?

Joe: The best way to make sure that your Facebook ads are competitive is for you to test. 

You can actually look at your competitors Facebook ads, there’s a tool that allows you to basically review everyone’s Facebook ads, and you can spy on them and see what your competitors are doing. See what they’ve done in the past. 

You can even look at the ads that have the most engagement, because people can like and comment on ads as well. And you can run ads that are similar to the ones that are the best types of ads. 

Facebook ads will work if you understand how to target people and have a solid strategy to build trust with them and to get them to engage. I compiled the list of the 5000 fastest growing companies in America. I ran Facebook ads, congratulating them with a video and a few 100 CEOs watch the video that was very, very valuable to me.  

There’s no other way for me to get a few 100 CEOs on the Inc 5000 list to watch a particular video. 

You might ask why is it valuable to pay for people to watch a video? 

Because now you can create an audience based on how much of the video people watched,say you had 200 people that watched the entire video, I can have a separate niche audience of all the people that I know finished watching that video and send them the next video. 

The people that haven’t even watched it, I can keep promoting that video to them until they watch it. There’s a lot of very powerful things that you can do, driving people through a particular path and getting them to go from point A to point B. 

When you can do that successfully, then you’re able to maneuver people in a way that will help you be able to market to them properly. 

Tami: Thank you so much, Joe. That was amazing information.

 We hope everyone listening got as much out of this as we did. On next week’s episode, we’ll be talking about cold email prospecting versus opt in email lists, so make sure to hit that subscribe button to catch the next episode. 

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