Episode 28

Technologies That Make Your Marketing Work Better

Technologies That Make Your Marketing Work Better

When it comes to getting an ROI from marketing, you have to use technologies to help you figure out what is working and what is not working. In this episode, Joe and Tami discuss the three types of key marketing technologies every business needs, what they do, how to leverage them for business growth, and more!

Episode 28 Transcript:

Tami: Welcome to High Energy Marketing, a podcast with us, the digital marketing agency Ajax Union, where we interview our CEO, Joe Apfelbaum, on key marketing topics, and we share everything you need to know to properly grow your business online. 

This is a Q&A podcast where I asked Joe questions about different topics and trends in marketing, based on his book, High Energy Marketing, you can get the book at ajaxunion.com/book book to follow along with us. 

This is the 28th official episode of our podcast about high energy Marketing. And today we’re going to discuss marketing technologies. But first a little housekeeping. Rate us on Apple podcasts, that purple icon subscribes, wherever you’re listening. If you give us a rating and review, that would be amazing. 

Let’s move on to the inspiration of the day. Joe, do you want to hit us with a quick inspiration minute before we get started? 

Joe: Sure. Thank you. I want to talk today about willpower.

While I was on my high-energy weight loss journey, people would watch me eat salad and say Joe, you have so much willpower, I wish I had that much willpower. I laugh because willpower is really an excuse, it’s made up. 

You don’t need willpower to eat salad. If you’ve been eating salad for two years every day and you love salad because it’s your new habit. You don’t need willpower to change, to decide that you’re going to be focused on foods that are nutritious instead of delicious. You don’t need willpower to maintain new habits. 

What you need is accountability. Once you have awareness, and you put the right strategy in place, you find that creating the right habits is not a matter of will but a matter of must. When you transform what you should be doing stop shooting on yourself to what you must be doing. You’re now using something deeper inside you, you become obsessed with creating a new habit. 

People that are not aware they might want to change their life. But they have something else that is conflicting that they want more than they want to change. For example, you might want to lose weight. But what you want more is to feel good by eating pizza. 

So you’re gonna eat pizza. It’s not about willpower to try to stop eating the pizza, you give up. Because you say I don’t have willpower. I think willpower is an excuse. Even if you find evidence that willpower is stronger in the morning. And you’re a night owl. So you’re doomed and you’re going to eat pizza at night. Once you commit. Now you’re ready to go. You got to commit, you got to commit to be healthy. 

You have to stay tethered to your internal purpose and stay present with your new habits. I love nutritious salad. I do not eat bread, because my purpose is to be healthy. Suddenly eating pizza becomes irrelevant. And you’re focused on your new habits instead of creating and making willpower excuses. 

It’s easier said than done. I can’t help myself, I’m exhausted. I need to feel good by eating comfort food. These are all habits of thought. habits of thought that we’re not even aware of. The source of the problem is not willpower, it’s the habits of thoughts. So realize that you’re not going to change overnight, your habits are not going to change overnight. So you need accountability and consistency. 

And when you do that, and you stop using willpower as an excuse, and you change the habits of thoughts, habits of actions, you’re gonna get better results.

Tami: Thank you, Joe. That was amazing. Let’s jump right into it. First starting, we’re talking about marketing technology. 

Why do we need to use marketing technology to help our marketing work better?

Joe: Well, when it comes to getting a return on investment for marketing, the word is ROI. When you’re getting an ROI, return investment for marketing. You need to use technology. You need to use technology to help you figure out what’s working and what’s not working because marketing is about testing. 

There are thousands of marketing technologies out there that do everything from tracking activities to recording conversations to automating bids and advertising campaigns, to bots to chat with prospects 24/7 You can’t do this manually. 

You need to use technology to get a return on investment.

Tami: Okay, and then where do I research to learn about the different marketing technologies that are out there and which ones I should use, etc?

Joe: There is a website called marktechtoday.com. You can go there and you can see the 5000 most popular tech now All these by category like advertising content, social commerce, and data management. 

There are also lots of subcategories, and I’m sure they’re going to be adding AI as well, because artificial intelligence, right now, there are close to 10,000 technologies, and new ones are coming out every day. So keep in mind that in 2011, there were only 150 companies on the list. Now there are thousands and thousands of companies. 

Mar tech stands for marketing technology. It’s blending the word marketing and technology. And anyone in digital marketing is dealing with some form of mar tech. Because digital means technology-based. 

So I want to cover three main types of technologies. But I want you to know that technology is going to change your business, you need to start using the right technology because otherwise, it’s just not going to work. And you got to learn the new technology. 

Sometimes you have to take courses to learn the technologies. Sometimes you need to hire a marketing agency that has already done the research to help you pick the right technologies. But the key is, to find the right technologies and start testing them in your business so that you can get an ROI.

Tami: What are those three main types of marketing technologies that we should have for our business?

Joe: Specifically for digital marketing? There are three types of technologies. There’s lead identification software, there’s mouse tracking technology, and there’s call tracking software. Lead identification, software is extremely powerful.

Tami: And why do we need it? Why do we need lead identification software? How does it help us grow our business?

Joe: Well, this technology lets you see the names of the companies that are coming to your website based on a reverse lookup of the user’s IP address. corporate intranet usually includes some sort of caller ID, so your website can identify where the person is coming from. 

Now, I know a lot of people are working from home these days. So it’s not going to work as well as it used to work. But if you issued a proposal to a manufacturing company, and they were silent, and now you see somebody from that company come to your website via the alert feature, in your lead edification software, you can reach out to the prospect right away and close the deal. 

This happened to us, we did this with a medical supply company, and we closed a $180,000 Deal. Talk about ROI on a piece of technology that costs a few dollars! 

Often people have potential customers visiting their website yet not turning those customers into leads. That’s a huge missed opportunity. Because using technology can not only get the company’s contact info, but you can also access the decision-maker’s email of the company.

You could find potential clients and create an Account Based Marketing Strategy, which means you’re targeting companies based on who they are, you can create new opportunities that you would have never known of. 

By using Lead identification software. One of our clients who runs a law firm told us that she noticed a large potential client came to her website, she reached out to the partner who was the owner. And they said we got a referral. But I didn’t know who it was, well, now they knew they were able to reach out and close a $30,000 retainer. 

When it comes to closing deals for marketing. You must be proactive, and you must be smart when you follow up. So if you see companies coming to your website, but they’re not filling out your lead forms, well, then you need the second technology, you need mouse tracking technology.

Tami: And why do we need mouse tracking? How does that help us?

Joe: Well, mouse tracking technology doesn’t tell you who’s coming to your website, it tells you what people are doing on your website. So, whereas the first one tells you the who, this tells you the what. 

JavaScript can detect where people hover their mouse, and for how long they put their mouse there, as well as what they click on and what they type. The mouse tracking software creates a video recording for each user that comes to your website. So now you know who visits your website and you also know what they’re doing on your website when they get there. 

Let’s say somebody starts typing in their contact information onto your Contact Us page. But they don’t submit the form. They just leave or their browser closes or they get distracted. 

Well, now you have a video of their contact info. And they didn’t even hit submit, no need to wonder what people are doing on your website, you can find the errors right away. 

You can find how people are interacting with your website, whether it’s on mobile on a tablet, or even on a desktop. The best way for you to optimize the user experience and to improve your conversion rate optimization is to make sure that you’re using mouse tracking technology. 

But how do you know if somebody called you and what they said well, then you need the third piece of technology, call tracking software.

Tami: What does call tracking do for us? 

Joe: While this technology allows you to have a dynamic phone number on your website for each user that comes to your website and visits you, this enables us to understand what keywords people searched for on Google and how they found your business before they called. 

You also get a full call recording of each call along with a text transcript of everything they said. And now, we can use AI to analyze the whole thing as well. You no longer need to ask clients how they found you because you see clearly what keyword they typed in to call you. 

Think about that for a second, someone searches b2b digital marketing, they click on our website, they click on Google on an ad, they come to my website, and then they call me. I know what keyword they clicked on for them to call me. 

That is so powerful. 

You can use call tracking technology to know what advertising campaigns are working the best and optimize your campaigns for the calls so that they’re more qualified. We had a client that was complaining to us about ROI. 

They weren’t getting an ROI from their Google AdWords, they were spending a lot of money. So we checked out their call recordings and realized that guess what the sales reps were doing, they were being rude. 

The client had no idea that the sales reps were being rude, they made changes to their reps, and the sales increased dramatically. When we get involved with companies at Ajax union. We don’t just put in technology, we help you fix your business. marketing technology is powerful. 

By using these three specific technologies, it’ll help you improve your campaigns to get an ROI. So I highly recommend using these three, but there are many other technologies that you can use to improve your business as well.

Tami: 100% agree. What are the other types of software that might be beneficial?

Joe: Well, think about automating your social posting, let’s say for example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, you want your post to go up automatically and consistently. We use social posting tools.

For bid management, you want to use technologies that use artificial intelligence, to automate how you bid for keywords. So, if you see a keyword converting rapidly, you want the technology to go in and do it on its own. 

You want email automation software, that will automatically trigger emails to people based on activities that they’re doing on your website. Your sales reps don’t need to nurture leads, you can have email automation do it.

If you want to have chatbots, in today’s day and age AI is so advanced, that you can have really intelligent chatbots that know everything about your company, and can chat with your prospects 24/7. Do you want to have marketing automation with email logic? Do you want to have big data tools to enrich data append data to your CRM and validate leads? 

Those are just a few tools that you can use to start getting a better ROI. We even have a tool that we use to generate comments on social media posts using artificial intelligence. It’s called evyAI.com. 

For every marketing or sales problem out there, there’s a technology that somebody built to help you solve that problem. But remember, technology is just a tool, you need to have a solid strategy to leverage the data that you get. And at Ajax Union, we can help you create a solid strategy. 

I always say you don’t need a better CRM, you need to actually start calling your leads. A CRM is just a tool. What you do with the tool will be the deciding factor of whether or not you’ll grow your business or not. 

At Ajax Union, we are committed to growing your business and helping you take your business to a whole new level by getting an ROI by using the right technology applying it with the right strategy, and helping you grow your business like we did over 1100 other companies. So if you want to grow your business, go to Ajax union.com and reach out to us today. We’d love to help you build a funnel builder business, and build a legacy.

Tami: Amazing. Thank you so much, Joe. That was awesome information. 

We hope everyone listening got as much out of this as we did. In next week’s episode, we will be talking about how to tell if your marketing is working. So make sure to hit that subscribe button to catch the next episode automatically. And you can follow us on all socials at @AjaxUnion. 

Follow Joe on all socials @JoeApfelbaum. Check out more about the podcast on ajaxunion.com/podcast. If you have any questions shoot us an email at amazing@ajaxunion.com. 

Our music is by Michael Suarez. The podcast is produced by Sarah and Shannon and we will see you next time. 

Thank you so much.

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