May 11, 2017

What is ABM? An Interview with Joe Apfelbaum


D.H., Marketing Support: Hi Joe! Let’s get straight to it: What is ABM?

Joe Apfelbaum, CEO of Ajax Union: ABM, or Account Based Marketing, is a new methodology best used by companies looking to gain more revenue by targeting the RIGHT accounts. You can have 100 accounts you service, but just 3 of those clients can  account for 50% of your revenue. Imagine if you can close just 3 more of those big-bucks accounts: you’ll double  your revenue while spending half the money, time and effort! This is GAME CHANGING!

DH: It is! But who should be using ABM? Ecommerce websites? B2B companies?

JA: Any company with accounts that have a large average order. If you have a potential client that you know will spend a significant amount with you, you would invest marketing dollars proportionate to the amount they’ll spend, right?

DH: Right. If I know a particular retailer will spend $10k a month with me, I’d be willing to spend up to $1,000 a month to target them in my advertising.

JA: Exactly! So any company that can afford to target these specific accounts should already be using ABM. Once you build your ideal “persona”, or characteristics of your ideal lead, you can start crafting personalized campaigns just for them.

DH: Amazing. Can you give an example of ABM working its magic in the real world?

JA: Sure. Here at Ajax Union, we work with a logistics company that services about 1,000 companies every month, while 10 of those clients accounted for 80% of their revenue! Perfect ABM playing field. Our goal is to help this company determine exactly what they’re looking for in a client, find potential leads who fit that criteria, and get those leads into their sales funnel. We’re finding more and more of those leads every day and targeting them in our campaigns, keeping them piping hot for our client to close on. 

DH: Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

JA: Me too.  And all our clients would agree.

DH: I’m sold! But if I wanted to start using ABM for my business, where would I start?

JA:  It’s a simple, three-step process.

STEP 1: Build your list of ideal potential clients. Your criteria could be where they’re located, how much they’re likely to spend, what their corporate structure looks like or anything else you believe would make them an “amazing” client.

STEP 2: Come up with a strategy to target each potential lead. Did their CEO  ever like you on Facebook? Create a post all about his business and how great they are. Open up the floor for meaningful conversation!

STEP 3: Get them to KNOW you, TRUST you and LIKE you. It’s as simple as guiding them through the funnel. (Unsure what I mean by funnel? Check out this infographic). Educate them about your business, nurture them into a hot lead and, most importantly, add value to their business. That’s what builds trust and gets leads to raise their hands.

DH: So why should B2B companies work with Ajax Union to craft an ABM strategy?

JA:  Amazing question. Ajax Union is one of the only agencies NATIONWIDE to exclusively service B2B companies while specializing in ABM support. We successfully run ABM campaigns to help our clients maximize their ROI. Just ask our clients what working with Ajax Union has done for their business: social proof is all you need!

DH: Is there anything you can offer me if I’m not quite ready to go all-in?

JA:  Sure. Check out our new technology stack, B2Bx. This monthly subscription tool puts the power of the Internet to work for your business by keeping you informed of how visitors interact with your site and your sales team.  We’ve seen 10x increases in conversions – it’s seriously mind-blowing.  Request a free demo so we can talk about it in person!

DH: Thank you so much, Joe! If anyone reading this has more questions about ABM, B2Bx or Ajax Union, where should we direct them?

JA: My pleasure! You can leave a comment below, shoot us an email or visit our site. We’d love to get to know you and help you make money!

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