September 27, 2017

Why do you need a sitemap? Part 2


There’s nothing like hearing a professional’s opinion, so we interviewed our Senior Graphic Designer, Kristille Junio, on her thoughts and tips on quality site-mapping. Kriztille has been site-mapping, designing, wire-framing, and optimizing websites at our office in Industry City since 2014.

What is information architecture? What’s an example of bad information architecture?

  • Information Architecture (IA) refers to a system where whatever content you’d like to feature is readable and logical. An example of bad IA in regards to web design and development is a site that lacks structure and organization. One instance of this might manifest in a site’s navigation. The inconsistency in navigation will hinder your users from understanding how to make connections within your site. A well-structured navigation ensures the users know exactly where to go for the information they need.

What are the top most important aspects of website architecture?

  • There is no one important aspect of IA; the goal of a good IA is to balance how you want your users to interact with your site and what you need them to do.

What do you hate seeing in a website?

  • Cluttered navigation – poor structure/language. If a site changes the location of the “contact us” page, to perhaps underneath the “about” top level navigation, that location may not be as obvious to the average user who has been trained to look for this specific item at the top-level tier.

What do you love seeing in a website?

  • I love seeing clean / polished site with a clear objective. Airbnb’s site for instance makes it very easy to book a place and creating a level of trust / credibility between the parties involved (The customer and the merchant) This is in part to a great UI.

What’s your favorite site-mapping tool?

  • Pen/Paper for initial iteration
  • Post-its work very well!
  • In terms of software: SketchApp, Adobe XD

Why is site-mapping important in 10 words or less?

  • Site-mapping is important because it clarifies and reinforces the goal of your website.

Thanks, Kriztille! Have any more questions about site-mapping for our design department? Leave a comment below. Looking to create a sitemap for YOUR next project? Reach out to us at, and let’s get to work!

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