March 17, 2019

10 LinkedIn B2B Content Ideas – Up Your LinkedIn Game


There are over 610 million people on LinkedIn and 40% of engaged users log in daily, which means many of your potential clients are using LinkedIn daily.

LinkedIn is the biggest networking event in the world and people show up everyday.

The question is, how do you leverage LinkedIn to get long term results?

Here’s some LinkedIn content ideas from our in-house LinkedIn Pros:

1. Tag people! Refer a friend’s business! Post an employee or client highlight!  Engage your audience. Engaging on LinkedIn is important – it can’t just be self-promotion all of the time.

2. Write evergeen articles! Try to write content that will still be relevant 1, 2, 5 years from now i.e evergreen. Articles are important because when people see an article on your profile, they understand that you are an authority figure. 

what can a virtual admin do for you on linkedin
  • Then…repurpose your articles! After writing and posting, you can then repurpose these long-form articles from time to time into a million pieces of short-form content.

  • Create an industry specific tip or statistic graphic. Sharing an industry specific tip or statistic via text is helpful, but you’ll receive a lot more engagement with a graphic instead. You can easily utilize a template within Canva that you can customize with your stats and tips and reuse time and time again! We recommend sticking to the same template for brand engagement and recognition.

  • Share others’ posts! Support your connections by sharing their posts and giving your own 2 cents. Ya gotta give to get. Karma!

  • Predict an industry trend! You’re the industry pro. Share your own industry predictions and ask your audience for their thoughts.

  • Facilitate a poll in your comments. Ask your audience if X is more important than Y. Similarly to the above, this encourages engagement with your content which the LinkedIn algorithm LOVES.
  • Answer a frequently asked question. What’s a question you are often asked? Answer it for your LinkedIn audience and establish yourself as an industry leader!
  • Post videos! Video is just as valuable in the professional world as it is on less professional social platforms. Many aren’t willing to stop scrolling to read paragraphs upon paragraphs of written content but they ARE willing to sit back and listen to your video.
  • Share your team pics. What’s going on in the office? Having a birthday celebration? Client acquisition happy hour? Share the joy on LinkedIn! People do business with people they like so don’t be afraid to share some office culture on your LinkedIn.

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