Happy Holidays from our Management Team to Yours!


Happy Holidays, from our Management Team to yours!

The team comes first at Ajax Union.

My favorite part of my job is making sure our team is happy, healthy, and able to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Joe and I check in on our team’s professional AND personal goals and where we can, we create a pathway for reaching those goals.

Because of this, our team is happy and fulfilled, and they in turn take care of our clients.

Our client retention rate is THROUGH THE ROOF in 2018, our stress level is at basement bottom levels, AND because we let our team choose who they want to work with, we only have AMAZING CLIENTS that we absolutely LOVE!

This is the best time of my life, personally. This company is the best company I’ve ever worked for. This team is my favorite team to work with. We are so … can’t say “lucky” because it’s not luck, it’s by design and takes work to keep it up. How about this: we are so…. well-designed and well-maintained?

Ha! That’s Ajax Union!

– Tami Joy, President