November 22, 2022

Ajax Union B2B Digital Marketing Agency: Our Marketing Process

Ajax Union B2B Digital Marketing Agency Our Marketing Process featured

When hiring an agency to enable the marketing efforts of your B2B company, you want to choose an agency that has a robust marketing process.

The difference between a good marketing process and a bad one (or worse, one that doesn’t exist at all), is a lack of communication, a lack of results, and misaligned marketing efforts.

Naturally, every marketing agency has a unique process. At Ajax Union, a B2B digital marketing agency, our marketing process is a huge asset to us and our clients— it’s what landed us a spot on the Inc. 5000 in 2013, helped us serve over 1,100 clients, and get 3 of our clients acquired in the last year alone!

Let’s take a peek into our marketing process:

ajax union marketing process
ajax union marketing process mobile

1. Assessment

The best way to serve a client’s needs? Figure out what they are first! At this stage, we take the time to discuss your business goals, offer a complementary strategy assessment, discuss your marketing needs, and evaluate whether or not we would be fit for a long-term partnership.

This step allows us to get a basic, foundational understanding of a potential marketing relationship before we dig deep and start creating an action plan.

2. Exploration

It’s time to get deep! At this stage, we do an in-depth workshop and competitor analysis to discuss your brand, vision, offering, target audience, and challenges and opportunities in the current market as it pertains to your industry.

Is your business missing any gaps? Our messaging and strategy workshops get you started on the right path. We help your team align and hold each team member accountable.

We help create your Unique Value Proposition, come up with a complete findings report, and sales persona development – all of which will be useful for your future marketing efforts with anyone. We lay out additional marketing strategies, custom-made to fit your business goals.

3. Onboarding

Once we’ve done a deep dive into your business and the market, it’s time for us to kick off.

We do an introductory call, audit your marketing funnel and all of your current marketing channels for fixes and opportunities for growth, create a forecast model for success, determine your KPIs, and begin developing your very own marketing funnel. Your marketing efforts are on the verge of going live here!

4. Synergy

This is the last step in our marketing process, but the work certainly does not end here. In the synergy phase of our marketing relationship, we nurture an ongoing relationship with your business and execute our marketing plan.

At this stage, communication (ongoing priority and goal review), strategy (analysis, tactics, goals), and reporting (ROI and KPI metrics reports) are all key tenets to helping us execute a unique marketing plan that is meant to work for YOUR business.

This marketing process is thorough enough to meet a huge sum of client needs.

Don’t believe us?

Take a peek at our case studies page to see just how much varied work we’ve done for our clients across several industries in the past couple of years alone.

From full-service marketing to recruiting, CRM management, website redesign, and beyond, our marketing process has been robust enough to help us provide real, valuable results for so many clients over the years.

In need of PERSONALIZED advice on how to choose a marketing agency that’s right for your business? Schedule a FREE strategy session with us and we’ll give you complimentary insights on your marketing tactics.

P.S. If you’re interested in utilizing LinkedIn for networking in your marketing, check out our sister company, Evyrgreen Networking.

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