November 1, 2022

How To Promote Your B2B Event Organically on Social Media

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Promoting an event on social media is not out of the ordinary for B2B businesses. Especially, with the number of people who are actively using social media to find like-minded people and activities to engage with.

Effective social media marketing for a B2B event is about reaching out to your target audience on social media before, during, and after the event.

Before creating social posts, you first need a strategy. In order to successfully promote your event on social media, you need to know which platforms your target audience is active on, and which types of content they’d interact with.

Once you conduct your research and determine what platforms you will focus on, you can start creating your posts. But, what types of content should you create?

Keep reading to learn the types of social media posts you can create to promote your B2B event.

AU How to Promote your B2B Event Organically on Social Media
AU How to Promote your B2B Event Organically on Social Media mobile

Before The Event

Leading up to the event, you want to raise awareness around the topic your event will be about. This won’t be a direct promotion of the event, in fact, it probably shouldn’t mention the event at all!

Use these posts to share helpful resources around your topic. For example, our sister company, Evyrgreen Networking, holds training events for LinkedIn Networking. A social post leading up to the event could be a simple statistic about how networking on LinkedIn leads to real revenue.

This will spark interest in their target audience, someone who already may be aware of LinkedIn networking but needs more information.
After a few informative posts, you can begin creating general informational posts and countdown posts.

1. Organic posts:

Share a blog/article/resource/ or discussion post that relates to a topic that will be a part of the event. For example, if the offering is LinkedIn training, this social post discusses a tip related to sales prospecting on LinkedIn. It does not advertise the training or link the landing page in the copy. The objective of this post is simply to raise awareness about this topic and draw engagement from people who care about it and build trust with them.

2. General information/waitlist posts:

These posts introduce the event and let your audience know that it is coming up. The post gives general information on what the program is, who it is for, when it will start, and how to sign up. If this is posted far in advance, it will instruct interested users on how to sign up for a waitlist for more information on the program, or it will direct them to the landing page.

3. Countdown posts:

Create a countdown post as the date of the event approaches. This post can simply drive excitement or discuss relevant topics or engage with users on what questions they have, and what they’re most excited about, or simply just remind people that the event is approaching. These posts should always include signup links.

During The Event:

Just as important as it is to promote the event before it happens, you also need posts of the actual event. Using hashtags can be a great way to encourage posts from attendees. You can also find these images and utilize them for promotional purposes.

Check out the other types of posts to create during the event below.

1. Real-Time Posts

Create a post a post with an image from the event with highlights or real-time activities. If you have a speaker presenting, utilize stories to highlight a quick snippet.

2. Video Clip Posts

Create a short 1-minute clip from the event to share on social media across all channels. It offers a “sneak peek” into the types of events you hold or highlights an informative/fun/ interactive moment from the program.

After The Event:

Just because the event is over, doesn’t mean the social posts stop. This is the perfect time to share how amazing your event was and to create buzz for the next one! See below how you can continue to promote your event with certain posts below.

1. Testimonial from an attendee posts

Everyone could see how awesome your event was after all of your previous promoting, but sometimes they need to hear it from someone else. Create a post that highlights a quote or video testimonial from someone who attended the event.

2. Recap Posts

This post is simple. It summarizes the event and what was accomplished. It can discuss any highlights as well as show gratitude to everyone who signed up and attended. This post can also allude to future events coming up to inform your audience that you host events regularly and to look out for the next one.

A lot goes into making an event successful, and promoting it on social media is one of them. The key to promoting your event on social media is to be consistent and create quality content.

With the use of different social media posts and platforms, you can successfully get in front of your ideal target audience to promote your event. Just follow the posts we outlined above and you will do great!

Need help creating a winning social media strategy? Schedule a free strategy session to get personalized insights on how you can improve your social media efforts. In the meantime, check out our resource library for more helpful tips!

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