March 23, 2022

The Best Retargeting Strategies for B2B Companies

The Best Retargeting Strategies For B2B Companies 1

If you’re struggling to maintain brand awareness, keep potential leads engaged, or recapture lost leads, then you’re probably lacking B2B retargeting strategies.

Not everyone will be ready to buy the moment they come across your product or service, especially business-to-business companies. Prospects need to be nurtured into your funnel and then down it, gaining valuable information along the way. Then they will decide whether or not to convert.

Have you ever noticed after you Google something, the next day you start receiving ads for whatever you searched, left and right? That’s the brand retargeting you to stay top of mind and encourage you to take the plunge.

“If you don’t take the opportunity to retarget and nurture your top-of-the-funnel leads, you are missing out on a lot of new business opportunities.”

Keep reading to learn the best retargeting strategies B2B Companies can implement to stay top of mind with their ideal target audience.

The best Retargeting strategies for b2b companies

1. Segment your audience by funnel stages

By tracking your audience’s website metrics, you can easily determine what stage of the funnel they are in by the actions they’ve taken. This allows you to create messaging specific to what they need to hear to move them onto the next stage of the funnel. You wouldn’t want to deliver “Buy Now” messaging to someone who has just entered your site for the first time, would you? No, you want to provide them with helpful information that is easy to digest. 

2. Create remarketing ads

The easiest retargeting strategy you can implement right away is through remarketing ads. Create remarketing lists of specific page visitors and serve them ads to stay top of mind. If you have a smaller audience, remarket to all website visitors. If you have a larger audience, it’s best to segment your retargeting by page visits that indicate intent. Such as someone who visited your contact page but didn’t submit. You can further segment your audience by selecting to segment them by time spent on your website or a certain page. Targeting users using this criterion can help you zero in on those with the highest engagement.

3. Create targeted landing pages for better user experience

When you understand who you are retargeting based on what stage they are in the funnel, you can start to create messaging tailored specifically to their needs. Each stage of the funnel relates to a unique customer experience. And at each stage, you are going to want the users to take a different action. If you successfully create a landing page that speaks to all of their needs and is engaging/convincing enough, they’ll most likely take the steps and fill out a form, taking them from a prospect to a lead. A social proof landing page is another sort of landing page that can effectively retarget your offering. These pages can include testimonials and case studies from your past or current client who has had success working with you. These types of pages can give someone that’s in the bottom-of-the-funnel that push they need to convert.

Retargeting, especially for B2B businesses should be a priority when it comes to their marketing strategy. B2B businesses need more time to make a decision that involves more nurturing. 

That’s why implementing retargeting strategies is crucial for moving prospects through each stage of the funnel.

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