July 28, 2022

4 Digital Marketing Strategies That Every B2B Company Leader Should Focus On This Year

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It’s no secret that the pandemic as well as many other factors have shifted how businesses approach marketing. But the world of B2B is a lot different from the world of B2C.

So the question is: how are B2B marketers and business owners shifting their strategies? This is a question our team will try to answer. In this article, we will discuss four different digital marketing strategies that research suggests B2B companies and marketers should focus on this year and in the foreseeable future!

digital marketing strategies that every b2b company leader should focus on this year
digital marketing strategies that every b2b company leader should focus on this year mobile

1. Influencer marketing

Social media’s influence has only grown in the past decade— but since the onset of the pandemic, it has skyrocketed.

In the world of marketing, there is a huge misconception that social media marketing is only a strategy for B2C products. This isn’t true! B2B marketers and business owners are utilizing influencer partnerships more and more often since they are an effective tactic for driving business.

A Hubspot study showed that 71% of B2B marketers are investing more in influencer marketing this year!

2. Case studies

If you own a B2B company, you know that it is much harder to sell to decision-makers than it is to a single consumer. Decision makers are making decisions on behalf of their companies or organizations… not just themselves!

That’s why using case studies is so imperative for building trust with your audience.

Case studies aren’t a new B2B marketing tactic, but they are only growing in importance over time. Hubspot’s research shows that 42% of B2B marketers are increasing their investments into case studies this year— more than interviews, ebooks, and images!

3. Optimizing site speed

Search engine optimization is a key pillar of marketing across all industries. But there are several ways to approach SEO and it can be difficult to pinpoint which tactics are the highest priority.

Our research has shown that site speed is one of, if not the most important tactic for improving search engine rankings. Put simply: most people browse the web on their phones, and if your site isn’t loading quickly, users are less likely to engage with it!

The quicker people can get on your website to learn about you, the quicker they can get to know your brand and make a decision to work with you.

4. More video content on LinkedIn

2022’s greatest marketing trend was probably the increase in video content! But for B2B marketers specifically, leveraging video content on LinkedIn is a smart move to make.

LinkedIn is the preferred channel for generating trust, building relationships, and fostering brand awareness for B2B services. LinkedIn is where millions of decision-makers (over 65 million to be exact) go to receive leadership content and expand their network.

So it’s time to start posting videos that show your company’s expertise, authority, and services on LinkedIn! It’s a fantastic way to build brand awareness and generate organic traffic toward your business’s website.

In this blog, we’ve gone over four super-relevant digital marketing strategies that your B2B company can employ to drive your business growth. Implementing these strategies will help you bring more customers to your business, more people to your website, and more money to your bottom line.

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