August 1, 2022

B2B Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

b2b marketing strategies for busniess growth featured

If you’re the CEO or marketing director of a B2B company, you might be thinking: marketing is hard. Are there any simple B2B marketing strategies for business growth?

And the answer is yes. Digital marketing can get pretty complicated, but we’re happy to make it simpler for you. A simple strategy is better than no strategy. At Ajax Union, our CEO and Founder, Joe Apfelbaum, always says,

“The right strategy will save you a decade”

So in this article, we’ll discuss 5 simple, but brilliant digital marketing strategies for business growth.

5 marketing strategies for business growth infographic 01
5 marketing strategies for business growth infographic 01 mobile

Strategy #1: Target your current website visitors and bring them into your marketing funnel.

If someone is coming to your website, THEY ARE likely interested in what your business offers and want to learn more.

But who are these people? There is software that you can use to identify the NAMES of the COMPANIES that visit your site. Once you’ve identified who your ideal clients are, you can use lead software to track when your target customers are visiting your site. Then, you can reach out to them, reignite the relationship, and possibly do business with them.

We did this at Ajax Union and closed a 180k deal! This is a tried and true lead generation method.

However, it’s not always enough to just identify your leads. You need to collect their information and nurture them. This is where your marketing funnel comes into the picture. Here’s how to bring your website visitors into your marketing funnel:

how to bring your website visitors into your marketing funnel
how to bring your website visitors into your marketing funnel mobile

1. Collect their information using a lead magnet.

When people are on your website, how do you incentivize them to give you an email address or some basic contact information? Telling people to join your newsletter is not an incentive. And neither is telling people to contact you for a quote because 99% of your website visitors are not ready to buy today. They just want to learn more.

Use a lead magnet! Even if you get one person a day downloading your guide, your case study, your infographic, or your tips, you will get one more lead a day! Lead magnets are included in every B2B marketer’s arsenal of marketing strategies for business growth.

2. Nurture them using email automation.

An email automation sequence is a series of emails that are automatically sent to your prospects as they enter new stages of the marketing funnel.

Each email is designed to drive the relationship with your lead forward until they eventually become a customer. Read our blog, “10 Tips for Making Your Email Automation Stand Out,” to learn the best email marketing strategies for business growth.

3. Retarget your leads to stay top of mind.

You’ve already built a great lead list with the first two steps. Now you just need to stay top of mind with them. Encourage your leads to come back to your site by retargeting them with your ad campaigns. But do it strategically: we recommend using landing pages. Check out this blog to learn more about some of the best retargeting digital marketing strategies for business growth.

Strategy #2: Communicate with your clients.

A business strategist once our CEO, Joe Apfelbaum, “Love your existing customers and communicate with them often, because they are your best source for your best clients.”

One great tactic for communicating with your clients often is through a monthly newsletter letting them know what you guys are up to. This can help you stay top of mind with them. Here are some other great client-nurturing tactics:

2 great client nurturing tactics
2 great client nurturing tactics mobile

1. Send your existing clients gifts on an annual basis.

Why not? Send them something in the mail. We buy all our clients holiday gifts. We love our clients and we want them to feel it. We speak to our clients a few times a month and update them on our business.

2. Ask your clients for testimonials.

Interview your clients and ask them what they love about your products and services.

If you are not communicating with your current clients effectively and consistently, you are missing out on low-hanging fruit. We can all do a better job at this so matter how good you are GET BETTER and you will get more results. And yes, communication is one of the oldest marketing strategies for business growth.

Strategy #3: Get referrals from your network.

Those who don’t ask, don’t get. Are you educating your clients and industry peers on who your ideal clients are?

People will refer business to other people that they know, trust, and like.
In the world of B2B, networking is one of the most effective strategies for business growth.

So before you go out and start spending lots of money on random cold approaches, approach the existing network that already knows and trusts you.

Here are a couple of great ways to leverage your network:

4 ways to leverage your network
4 ways to leverage your network mobile

1. Send out a weekly email to stay top of mind with your most important contacts.

2. Connect with all your contacts on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

3. Create a webinar for your network and invite your most important VIP trusted contacts to it to educate them.

4. Post on social media daily with high-value educational, informative, and authentic content to stay top of mind with your current contacts and have them remember you when it matters most.

Strategy #4: Do keyword research.

We all use Google every day. That includes your ideal clients.

So that means if you’re going to be spending money running any ad campaigns, you need to invest time and resources into identifying intent-based keywords that your target audience is searching for to find the business that will solve all their problems.

Once you’ve done that, there are a bunch of other basic strategies for business growth that you can use to put your keywords to work:

3 smart ways to use your keywords
3 smart ways to use your keywords mobile

1. Advertise on Google AdWords with them don’t forget to add negative keywords with words that do not have intent so you don’t waste your budget.

2. Have a great landing page that you send people to so you do not waste money sending people to your homepage. This will lower your cost and improve your conversions.

3. Add a lead magnet, email automation, and lead tracking technology to your mix to make sure that you actually are able to retarget and convert leads that have intent (*cough* we talked about these awesome strategies for business growth already).

Strategy #5: Warm up your cold leads.

What do you do with all the people who once contacted you but did not buy?

If you forgot about them, there’s a huge missed opportunity for business growth.

It’s very important to add value to your leads, even your cold ones.

Here are 5 great ways to warm up your cold leads:

5 ways to warm up your cold leads
5 ways to warm up your cold leads mobile

1. Send tailored emails regularly to your cold leads.

2. Cold call your qualified prospects.

3. Provide value to the leads in your network with a free trial, consultation, discount, or guide.

4. Connect with your past leads on social media.

5. Invite your old leads to a webinar or virtual event.

Another one of the best marketing strategies for business growth? Trust the experts. It is much easier to keep a client than to get a new one, but it’s also easier to win a client back after they leave than it is to get a new one that knows nothing about your business.

In truth, there’s an endless list of marketing strategies for business growth. But we’ve been around for it all, and these are some of the most effective and simple ones. Give them a shot and see the difference!

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