Following the pandemic, marketers have begun experimenting with new channels and marketing strategies in order to better understand the buyer’s journey from beginning to end.

No one could have seen the change that 2020 was going to bring to marketing. And although no one can clearly say what trends are going to be relevant in 2022, we can use insights and predictions from industry leaders to see the possibilities of marketing in 2022.

Lucky for you, our digital marketing experts did the research for you and we are going to share the top 5 B2B Marketing trends you should look out for in 2022. Keep reading to learn more!

  • Customer Experience

The pandemic drastically changed the way customers look at brands. With social distancing and stay-at-home orders in place, brands had to go back to the drawing board on how they can better connect with their consumers, remotely.  

With that, there has been a large shift in the way people view marketing. It’s no longer about ads and purchasing products. It’s about the entire buyer experience, from start to finish. 

We believe that in 2022 marketers will concentrate on narrowing in on their target audience’s specific needs, desires, and interests to create more successful ads, content, and events. 

  • Innovated Technology

With most of the world being completely digital in 2020, we predict that 2022 will be no different.

Emerging technologies will continue to help marketers create campaigns that more effectively engage potential buyers. 

Advanced technologies such as AI and marketing chatbots have the ability to help marketers reach more customers while also reducing the amount of time potential buyers spend waiting.

The use of AI will also be important when it comes to user experience. Now no matter your age you will be able to adopt these emerging technologies for a seamless customer experience.

Optimizing for different types of search content will be an important part of capturing more traffic in 2022 with the rise of the use of videos and audio. 

  • Video Marketing

Video Marketing top trends to look out for marketing 2022 ajax union blog

Video marketing was set to trend in 2021 as an important part of marketers’ content strategies, and it will continue to rise well into the year 2022, surpassing blog posts and infographics in popularity. 

Additionally, Google recognizes websites with videos to be more compelling, causing them to be pushed to the top of search results. 

However, the expensive cost of producing video content may deter some businesses from using it.

Video marketing can be used in podcasts, webinars, and advertising campaigns. 


“It’s no longer about ads and purchasing products. It’s about the entire buyer experience, from start to finish. “


  • Intent-Based Data

When it comes to account-based marketing (ABM), data matters—a lot. But recently Google has cracked down on their privacy and tracking norms and announced to put a stop to all cookies by the end of 2022.

While this is good for users as they will get more privacy, what will this mean for marketers? 

Marketers use cookies to uncover the buyer’s intent to purchase. Without them, it will be difficult to gauge a potential buyer’s journey. 

Without the use of third-party cookies, marketers will have to turn to first-party intent data. 

This is data compiled based on the direct interaction of buyers with your website or social media channels. Unlike third-party data which collects information on all websites you have visited, not just the current website you are on. 

  • Personalized Account-Based Marketing

Throughout the past few years, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has risen to the top as the preferred strategy to reach potential customers. 

We know that consumers today want a more personalized approach to a brand’s marketing efforts. And with the increase in the adoption of ABM, this will also ring true to those using it.

Account-Based Marketing allows you to get directly in front of decision-makers. Reducing the amount of bad or unqualified leads, making it a more resilient and personalized way to target your audience’s needs and interests. 

The pandemic has brought a lot of uncertainty to the world, but with the rise of our digital world, B2B marketing will become more personal, data-driven, creative, and visual-oriented in 2022. To stay up to trend, marketers should focus on advanced technologies, focused strategies, and the overall customer experience. 

If you need help developing a strategy that fits your business’s goals and needs, schedule a strategy session with us!